Wall Paper Removal

Wall Paper Removal Portland OregonWall Paper Removal can be a very labor intensive task when redecorating the interior of your older home or building.  It can be extremely messy and if you’re not careful can cause damage to the underlying wall as the wallpaper can literally tear layers of drywall with it.  This can cause a mess of patch work to be repaired before the wall can be repainted again.

Another item rarely mentioned by other painting contractors is the possibility of lead based paint contamination below your wallpaper.  This is actually fairly common in homes built prior to 1978 that have had little to no updating done to their interior finishes.  The discovery of lead based paint beneath your wallpaper isn’t a good one but it needs to be handled properly by a lead-safe certified contractor.

Mayco Painting, LLC is a licensed and insured painting contractor specializing in wallpaper and wall covering removal.  We are a lead-safe certified contractor as well so if we come across lead-based paint contamination we are equipped and properly trained to handle the problem.

We can carefully remove your wall coverings, while keeping your home or business absolutely spotless.  We can swiftly repair any damage to the walls and any patching required.  We can even repaint your newly uncovered wall for you too if you like.

Wallpaper and Wall Covering Removal Services:

  • Wallpaper Removal
  • Wallpaper Cleanup
  • Wallcovering Removal
  • Interior Redecorating
  • Commercial Interior Redecorating

If removing the wallpaper in your next decorating project is too overwhelming for you then you need to give Mayco Painting, LLC  a call today.  We can make short, efficient work of your wall paper removal project and leave you with nothing but clean bare walls ready for your coat of paint or recovering.


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