Understanding Your Exterior Painting Estimate

Understanding Your Exterior Painting Estimate


Exterior Painting Estimates

Painting the exterior of your home or building is a very important project and so is the exterior painting estimate.  The paint not only enhances the look of your home or building but it protects it from the elements as well.  When you consider that your exterior paint is essentially your home’s first line of defense against the elements the decision to choose the best should come easy.

Because of the work involved to paint a home exterior or the exterior of an outbuilding for example homeowners are surprised when they receive a exterior painting estimate that is for potentially thousands of dollars just to paint their home.

Often homeowners are very quick to suggest the painting contractor might be charging to much, and if you’ve received several bids and only one of them seems astronomically high it might be true.  Sometimes, however and this happens more often then not it’s a case of the customer not fully understanding what is actually involved to complete their exterior painting project.

To make the problem much worse, there are many handymen masquerading as professional house painters.  These are the painters who’s work we are often hired to repair.  Thankfully these painters who don’t run reputable businesses and their unprofessional exterior painting estimate is very easy to spot once you know what to look for.

Professional Painters Offer Exterior Color Consultations with Exterior Painting Estimate

Exterior Painting Estimate includes Interior Painting Color ConsultationSome painters charge for this service, other painting contractors offer it for free as a courtesy for their customer.  Color consultations with a professional that has painted hundreds of thousands of square feet of exterior space can be very insightful and help you make the toughest color decisions.

A good color consultation appointment for the outside of your home could take an hour or more, sometimes several.  This is time your painting contractor generally puts in before you’ve ever agreed to hire them.  The time your painter spends with you consulting on your exterior project colors is time they are likely going to bill you for.

Professional Painters Use Contracts For Exterior Projects with Exterior Painting Estimate

Exterior Painting Estimate Painting ContractIf you’ve ever received a bid or work estimate on a piece of paper with hand written notes you’re either dealing with an old school craftsman, or a painter that isn’t really being on the level with you.

An exterior painting estimate to paint the outside of your home from a professional painter will be very detailed, and likely itemized.  It could be several pages long depending on the amount of surface area to be painted and the amount of materials required.

You’ll receive a thorough description of the work involved, all of the materials being used and any and all special requests you’ve asked for in writing for your Exterior Painting Estimate.  Having a written contract and description of the work being performed protects both parties.

From the moment a painting contractor takes on your bid they must assume they’ve already got the job and start to plan accordingly.  It’s the only way to really give the customer an accurate estimate.  This process can sometimes take several hours depending on the size of your project. This is all time a professional painter definitely deserves to be compensated for.

Professional Painters Are Licensed and Insured

Licensing and Insurance - Exterior Painting Estimate Licensing and proper insurance both for employees and the projects a painter works on are very expensive business expenses we must pay as professionals. You’d think this licensing and insurance would be obvious requirements but you might be surprised to know that many painting contractors have neither.  What if one of the painters employees accidentally knocks a ladder down and it hits your neighbors car, or spills paint on it?  This type of damage is very expensive to fix, not to mention completely embarrassing for those involved.

Do you think that an unprofessional fly by night painter you found in the classifieds will be equipped to handle that situation, professionally and financially? It’s unlikely.

Your estimate to paint the exterior of your home from a professional painter will probably mention the fact they are licensed and insured to do business in your area.

Professional Painters Use High Quality Products

High Quality Paints included on our Exterior Painting EstimateThere are many different grades of exterior paint from many more different paint manufacturers. They are not all created equal. This is why professional painters work with proven brands from paint manufacturers that have a solid reputation and stay on the cutting edge of painting technology. We’ll tell you exactly what brands and specific paints we’re using for your project. Some contractors will tell you that you’re getting high grade paint but is it really what they are using?  You’d be surprised!

A professional painting contractor will be able to prove it and provide you with the necessary documentation for any warranty that might be available too.

Does Your Exterior Painting Estimate Project Involve Lead Based Paint Removal?

Lead Based Paint RemovalIf your home was built prior to 1978 there is a good chance your home was painted with lead based paints, or some parts may contain lead based paints. This cannot be removed by any painter with a truck and a sander. Lead-Safe certified contractors need to go through special training to learn how to deal with harmful contaminants such as lead based paints. It requires the use of special equipment and also specially trained staff as well.

Your exterior painting estimate will include any information about dangerous paint removal and if required it should be detailed. Many painters will tell you this is not necessary. They are probably not licensed, nor have certification to handle these types of materials. Don’t put your family risk.

Professional Painters Offer A Written Warranty with Exterior Painting Estimate

Interior Painting WarrantyThis is an important one and it’s a little bit deceiving because while some contractors will offer a warranty, they simply just won’t service it. This is especially so with the lowest bids. These painters under value their time because they need the next dollar quick. It’s not a guarantee that they’ll be around in a year to fix that flaking, peeling paint they’ve left you with.

A professional painter will offer you a rock solid warranty, in writing and while that’s still not a guarantee you’ll just have to look at the contractors reputation, the length of time they’ve been in business and how they conduct themselves to make that determination for yourself.

If your warranty information is clearly detailed and explained on the estimate you’ve received then it’s a good sign. Mayco Painting, LLC offers a written warranty with their exterior painting estimate!

Preparation Work and Property Protection

Prep WorkThe outside of your home or building poses a unique challenge when it comes to getting it prepared for paint.  How many layers of paint will need to be removed?  What type of surface are we painting?  Is it fiber cement siding, wood siding or stucco?  The amount of prep work required for each surface will be different.

Professional painters put great emphasis on their prep work because they usually offer a warranty, and it costs money and time to service warranty work.  They want to do the job right the first time so you won’t ever have the need to make a warranty claim.

Another part of the prep work is making sure your property is protected.  This could mean removing brush from the exterior of your home to keep it away from your new paint, covering your gardens and other landscape features with drop clothes, and other extensive preparations.

A good chunk of your exterior painting estimate will account for the time and materials needed to prep your project for paint. This is important and you’ll want to make sure you are getting what you’re paying for.

Who Offers Exterior Painting Estimates in Portland, Oregon?

mayco-paintingMayco Painting LLC is a full service exterior painting contractor serving the Portland, Oregon area.  We specialize in working with home and business owners to transform their boring, dull and drab building exteriors into stunning works of art that will make your neighbors green with envy.


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