Front Door Painting

The Front Door of your home makes a statement, and nothing makes as quite an elegant statement as a rich wood door. Over the years of weather and constant abuse from use the finish on your door will begin to break down, become faded and it just won’t look as welcoming as it once did.

Mayco Painting LLC of Portland, Oregon can solve your problem by refinishing your front door on your home. We will sand out the imperfections, then use a little wood filler to smooth out any troublesome areas.  After we’re comfortable that our careful preparation is going to result in a beautifully smooth finish we begin to re-stain or repaint the door.

Front Door Painting and Repainting Portland Oregon
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With more modern products and colors available then ever before we’ll be able to help you make your door stand out.

Front Door Refinishing Includes:

  • Thorough sanding and preparation work on the door.
  • Masking of all areas not to be painted.
  • Priming of surfaces if required.
  • Painting or staining of surfaces.
  • Final cleanup.

Depending on your style of door and the size of the doors, it’s usually less than a full day project. Obviously it becomes more labor intensive the bigger the doors and the more intricate the finish you desire.

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