Dustless Sanding Your Home or Business Interior – Call Our Beaverton Painting Contractor for more Information.

One of the most important aspects of any painting project is the level of prep work completed.  This usually involves lots of sanding, sometimes with hand tools, sometimes with power tools.  Regardless if dustless sanding technology is not used then the outcome is usually the same.  You’ll get a nice smooth finish at the expense of very fine dust all over your home and in the air your family needs to breath.

If you have allergies, respiratory issues, or health concerns they are not without merit.  Dust created from the sanding process contains many harmful particulates that are not generally good for our health.

Mayco Painting LLC takes the health of our customers seriously and that of their loved ones too.  When we sand and prep your walls for painting we use the latest in dustless sanding HEPA filtration technology to capture up to 95% of the dust that is created from the sanding process.  Anything remaining can be swept or cleaned with a shop vac so your project will be spotless when we are done.

By choosing a painting contractor that has made the investment into dustless sanding equipment you won’t need to worry about breathing in harmful paint and drywall dust.  You also won’t be cleaning it out of every nook and crevice in your home for months either.